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Thanksgiving in London

November 9, 2019


Holidays can be hard to celebrate as an expat, especially when those holidays are not celebrated by your host country. I myself have been missing the sweet and savoury preparations for Thanksgiving, along with pilgrim decor sold at astronomical prices. But not to fear, London has begun to clue into the wonders of Thanksgiving, and there are several opportunities to celebrate right here in the city!



Food is the name of the game, and I am happy to report that the options are plentiful. Restaurants and pubs have picked up the thrown gauntlet and are cooking up some mouth-watering Thanksgiving meals ranging from traditional to ever-so alternative.


For more traditional meals, look up The Duke’s Head pub for a delicious Thanksgiving feast. Bookings come with a welcoming drink, three courses of the harvest’s best, and lovely wine pairings to match, and although the Red Lion pub has yet to update its website for Thanksgiving, its Instagram hints at delicacies to come. 



For Thanksgiving with a twist, visit Bodean’s BBQ Smokehouse. Along with its thriftier price tag, Bodean’s smoked BBQ turkey and ham will offer a slightly different experience than the traditional oven-roasted affair. And don’t worry, all the fixings and your choice of pie are included in the price!



If you’re feeling a bit extravagant, an elevated Thanksgiving meal might just hit the spot. Try out temper City, famous for its steaks and BBQ. And if you want to be certain of your fancy Thanksgiving’s American authenticity, look up Joe Allen’s Thanksgiving feast for some roast Yorkshire turkey!


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