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FOCUS Favourites April 2018

March 28, 2018

 "April showers bring May flowers" is what the say here, but we hope the sun will warm up our days in April too! 

In any case, our suggestions for April include a range of events that you can enjoy whatever the weather.




Monet and Architecture

9th April - 29th July



Located in the National Gallery, this exhibition portrays Monet’s love for architecture as well as how he incorporated them into his paintings. This exhibit is made up of 75 paintings, ranging from the beginning of his career till the end. It will be made up of three parts: The Village and the Picturesque, The City and the Modern and The Monument and the Mysterious to show the drastic changes occurring in society during his time.





London Coffee Festival

12th April – 15th April



The Coffee festival returns for another year in the Old Truman Brewery. The interactive festival gives viewers the chance to watch the process of coffee roasting, visit the school of chocolate and have a go at ‘latte-art’. An experience not to miss,  as the festival goers will have the change to try drinks, food and cocktails all associated with the coffee bean.







English National Ballet: Voices of America

12th April - 21st April



This year Sadler’s Wells will again be filled with the American style neo-classic Ballet, in a performance of Voices of America. William Forsythe, a renowned choreographer, portrays a deconstruction of classical ballet. He has reworked this piece since its original production in 1996 and will be performed for the first time, exclusive to the National Ballet.







Virgin London Marathon

22nd April



This marathon sees over 35,000 runners in it every year. Whilst many run for fun there are also many famous and medal winning athletes who take part. The course is 26.2 miles, starting in Greenwich Park, crossing over the Thames and finishing up on Pall Mall, just around the corner of Buckingham Palace. An event not to miss, floods the streets of London with live music, bands and cheering crowds.






Underbelly Festival

6th April - 30th September



Across the length of the Southbank one can find a fun-filled festival for the whole family with lots of entertainment, food and drinks. The festival is filled with circus acts, cabaret, comedy and many activities for the children and the whole family to enjoy. The shows run throughout different times of the festival, so make sure to check online if there is a show you really want to see!







Butterflies in the Natural History Museum

29th March – 16th September


Hundreds of colourful butterflies from across the world fly freely in the tropical house at the Natural History Museum. The exhibition invites you to in a magic world of butterflies. It is a chance to witness the remarkable life cycle from a crawling caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Escape the city bustle and get up close with over 500 different species fluttering above your head. Attracting children and adults this family exhibit makes your stay to an unforgettable day.






St. Georges Day 2018

21st April



Celebrating England’s national day, means a busy and activity filled day in London. Specifically celebrations take place in Trafalgar Square, where the square will be filled with English themed food stalls, workshops and live music. The whole city will be bustling with decorations in red and white, celebrating in traditional English style, one not to miss!







Harmonics in Space: Now Gallery

29th February - 29th April